13 Answers on why’s of an Integrated Online Marketing Strategy

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Ashish Bhardwaj
  • March 10, 2020
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FAQ Sheet – Relevance of an Integrated Online Strategy

(Online Presence – Example Organic, Personal, Hygiene, Products)

Q1. How a user finds us?

Ans. She goes on-line and searches for you.

Q2. What search words should come to mind while searching for you?

Ans. Ideally, around Organic, Sanitary, Pads, Napkins, Personal, Hygiene, Tampons, Menstrual pads, Cotton pads, no polymer, Complete Protection, Sensitive, Skin, absorbency, leak protection, Skin Irritation, Softness, Gentleness, Lifestyle etc.

Q3. What search words are being rated high, moderate or low?

Ans. The Search Engine Result Page (SERP) can only display 10 search results on first page. And we all know, rest of the pages are dead. So, if you are not on 1st page, you are out of the consideration

Q4. How to activate SERP for you?

Ans. Find the best and low searches using any suiting keywords finder. Identify 3-5 most searched keywords and identify 7-10 low searched keywords. Embed most searched as part of content. Seek inorganic listing on low searched keywords post multiplying them

Q5. How to check where I stand today in these searches?

Ans. Keywords finder tells you that. So, getting found for exact name is no big deal. Getting found for the most searched keyword is. This is organic and unpaid listing

Q6. How to create your website with high possibility of listing for specific keywords?

Ans. Make the keywords central to your content.

Q7. How to remain relevant in user’s life over a period?

Ans. Remain Dynamic. Follow a schedule of updates

Q8. What is India Situation?

Ans. Everything Organic is entering in lives very fast. And thus, has a clutter around us for itself. India needs time to get organic as a way of life.

Q9. How to make this insight relevant?

Ans. Create a Loud Noise. Or, Create a Smart Noise. Both works well. Loud Noise across media makes immediate impact Inorganically. Smart Noise with relevant issues can deliver the same results Organically.

Q10. What is the ideal Process?

Ans. Create two web sites.

  • One that has commercial angle to itself. Details of SKU’s, availability, Testimonials, Support, Promotion and select engagements. This could be replica of international presence, if any.
  • Second one, which has sync and links with the main site, yet is informative, could be a micro site, or an independent site. This has social, cause leadership, testimonial, legend and other elements and can have a month on month schedule of update. Direct linkages to the core site and every instance of potential to convert into a sale, neatly captured.
Q11. How to Create distinction? And Is it not confusing?

Ans. It can be confusing if the content isn’t segregated wisely. For e.g.: – A Dot com or a Dot in page could be commercial site and a Dot Info and a Dot net page could be used.

The competition – http://www.natracare.com and https://saathipads.com/ are selectively having the use cases embedded. But they haven’t really exploited the opportunity well.

Q12. How to Promote?

Ans. SERP throws information that is floating on Quora, FB, LinkedIn, and multiple blog sites. More so, Influencers community and their opinions weigh heavily. So, another need is to constantly create an interface with micro bloggers and macro bloggers. All this will be part of Social Media Management (SMM) Strategy.

Q13. What is a Good Digital Marketing Strategy?

Ans. Five Key areas

  • Managing Website
  • Search Engine Management and Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Management
  • Online reputation Management
  • Customer relationship Management

A website is ideally not done in isolation. Rather a focus on Digital Marketing Strategy in mind. The Promotion must be done using

  • In bound marketing (Organic Traffic)
  • Out bound Marketing (Inorganic Traffic)

And another important aspect of the media management online is ONLINE PUBLIC RELATIONS

At talk2users Group, we focus on these elements and deliver end to end.

Talk2users Consultancy Private Limited is an aggregator of Marketing and Advertising Agencies Network in India focused on new businesses, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) and is striving to make its presence felt through fully integrated marketing offerings.
Blog Author
Ashish Bhardwaj

13 Answers on why’s of an Integrated Online Marketing Strategy

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