Top 10 Advertising Agencies in India

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Ashish Bhardwaj
  • March 20, 2020
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We all know and understand how the game of top-10, top-50 and top-100 is played, especially in India.

Among a group of deserving candidates, a good lot of newbies are there. They pay for being rated and pay for the very existence of the rating agencies to get stacked.

The rating agencies maneuver the rating and add information that big agencies do not share as to most won businesses in last quarter, most billed media and so on so forth. They are fully aware that many big agencies reserve their financial information. This makes the newbie better.

As a business, nobody knows “what exactly you search for, What are the needs, Are these needs exactly met with, Or you left gasping for fresh air”. As a business, you search for “Top 10 advertising agencies” and may find the “top 10 ad agencies in Delhi”.

Are these the best “Branding agencies in Delhi” or they have only staked their name into consideration as “top 10 Creative agencies in Delhi”. Similarly, are the “Best Marketing Companies” really the “Best Ad agencies” and vice-versa or not.

All “Online marketing Companies in Delhi” are neither the “Best Marketing Companies” nor are they “best advertising agencies” .

When you search for – “Best Advertising agencies in Delhi”, you may fortunately get led to a few “Full service marketing agencies” but their reaction time, their hunger and their financial suiting to your Company’s needs.

My strong recommendation thus is to have either of the following combinations and you will find the best value for your every rupee spent.

Choice 1:- Going with the best

You hire the best boutique creative agency and go with them on a project to project basis. The relationship gets renewed every 6-months basis. And build in a reason for them to ask for incremental earnings on the back of strong, measurable key performance indices (KPI).

Similarly, hire a really decent media agency for releases of the boutique creative work. Hire them with a minimal annual commitment and be with them for a year. The only KPI for media agency other than of course the best rate at minimal retained fee, is – no, not innovations, but best recommendations towards Brand Properties and Brand engagements. This media agency should also be able to offer your business an integrated social, digital strategy, Out of home strategy and execution to make your brand look good and reach to youngsters, early nests and late nests basis the need.

The financial involved are – 3 Crore plus as retainer annually + Media spends of 100 Crore

Choice 2:- Optimizing Your Business Needs

Hire the same set of agencies but pay them as %age of media spends with committed media annually.

The financial involved are – 1 Crore plus annually on a Media spends of 100 crore

Choice 3:- Buffet at your will

You hire a decent Creative agency, and make them work with a boutique media agency also having a decent social media agency and buy their time to make them all put their heads together and crack your communication, best media choices and go and execute them

The financial involved are – 1.5 Crore plus annually on a Media spends of 100 Crore

Choice 4:- Play it like a Champion

You hire a collective of agencies who work together and charge on pay per use basis. This way you get best of both worlds i.e. you pay for the strategy first, basis which you pay for the arrived creative, then you pay for the media choice and placement when, what is getting consumed including digital strategy and execution. Best is: – You get Public Relations also throughout the year as part of the package.

The financial involved are: – 75 Lac plus annually on a Media spends of less than 100 Crore

Writer works as chief strategist with Talk2users Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. Talk2users is a collective of a Creative Agency, a Marketing Strategy Development Agency, a PR consultancy, a Social Media Agency, a Promotions & Events Agency and a Marketing Development Agency formed in 2017. The Companies that are part of this collective are more than 7-10 years individually and 30 + years collectively.

Blog Author
Ashish Bhardwaj

Top 10 Advertising Agencies in India

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