Consultancies Vs. Ad Agencies

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Ashish Bhardwaj
  • February 10, 2020
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Five FAQ’s on Consulting Firms ‘Decimating’ Ad Agencies?

How much are you willing to pay for that?

Advertiser is in digital as they are convinced of saving money. Performance based media means you are willingly paying $1 per view and $100 per acquisition.

What are Consultancies doing?

Consultants are pushing Marketing and Advertising Services as extended offering in the name of bridging the strategic gaps.

What are the solutions for clients to overcome such conflicts?

Marketing Agencies and Consultancies are run by Employees. The strength of a plan is as good or bad as the agency lead on the business and the team managing the deliveries.

Both services work largely in outsourced business models.This means every service is picked up from multiple resources.

The best solution is former employees led consultancies for a fraction of the costs offering identical set of resources.

How Clients can manage their interest with Boutique Outlets?

Simple. No Agency and No Consultancy will offer a conversion led revenue model for them.

These Marketing And Advertising Consultancies have the experience of exact numbers.

It is much easier for them to predict and link their earning to the revenues for the businesses.

This makes classic case of – “Pay per Use”.

How to evaluate such Boutique Agencies?

Purely on the strength of their

  • Strategic Thinking,
  • Confidence of Deliveries
  • Willingness to link their earning with client’s revenues
  • Past Experiences of Success in their earlier Profiles
  • Unique Solutions
Blog Author
Ashish Bhardwaj

Consultancies Vs. Ad Agencies

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