12 Creative Advertising Ideas for your business for Free

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  • Aug 27, 2019
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The 12 creative Ideas, this thought came to my mind on reading an article on how cluttered our lives today are. So thought of penning down time tested, always working big kill ideas. So, here I have the best of 12 creative advertising Ideas for your business for free.


As a college goer, I had access to a Philips Transistor and a Black and white TV set at home.

We always subscribed to an English Newspaper and a Vernacular Daily. When we used to go out together, once in year or two, we saw select hoardings around us.

At the time of elections, the candidates used to come out for house to house canvassing, mobile rickshaws playing audio messages and a few posters, banners, flags and badges were distributed. That was the only media exposure we had.

A sales man in buses and railway station, a lady who will come home selling tea from Brook Bond, or Lipton was another direct attempt by brands.

Now, we have Netflix, Amazon fire stick, Tata Sky, Dish TV, beaming into our homes. Desktops, Laptops, Tablets, I pads, I phones, and screens all around us.

Now an average Cinema goer in an urban scenario has at least 8-10 screens in her home. She is exposed to another 10-15 screens while moving in Ola, Uber, Meru, Shuttle, Malls, Multiplexes, Markets, Residential Welfare Offices, Gymnasiums, Community centers, Libraries, and other walks of daily lives.

Problem Statement

The challenge for Marketers today is – CLUTTER ABOUND AND ALL AROUND

The 15 creative Ideas as a Solution

1. Let’s Talk about us

Human Beings are by birth egotists. We can talk for hours about Ourselves, Our dreams, Our Aspirations, Our kids, Our Families, Our Goals, Our Concerns and Our World.

These Talks could be on multiple platforms. Dreams with the Brand, Aspirations fueled by the Brand, Goals facilitated by the Brands, Empathetic Listening by the Brand are many such opportunities.

This Creative idea has never failed and will never fail. It will rather fly with Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality plus Virtual Reality as delivery platforms.

2. Let’s Guide You

With Google almost every chance of guiding others is lost. Mentors are now seen with at least an iota of doubt. Not True. And, when we are guided, we feel special.

We do get lost with Google, With Google but not willingly seeking to get guided by artificial intelligence, always seeking human touch.

The Brand Guides at Admission queues in Colleges, Restaurants, Cinema Theaters, Car Parks, Malls, Multiplexes, Theaters performing for audience, Colonies, can be of great engagement at minuscule costs

3. Coupons, Coupons and more

What if when we are about to carry out a transaction at any point of sales outlet anywhere and get greeted by a lively, lovely lady who offers us a discount coupon on whatever we have bought. The discount might me incidental, small denomination, but will be a big conversation starter.

Discount is a Great Talk, Always, and All the Time

4. Saying it out Loud and Clear

I always believe those who firmly go out and say it out loud and clear. No sugar coating.

If you are selling Liquor, just say one buy of 30-ml gets another one free.

When law prohibits, just say it loud where it is allowed, like Point of Consumption and Point of Sales.

Therefore, the assignment for the brand managers in this case would be to map all of the possible Points of Consumption and Point of Sales.

5. My Belief is Mine and Yours is Yours

Identifying the beliefs that I stand for and the beliefs that I surround myself with are important to sell to me.

As brands, you can either vocalize your support for my beliefs or make intelligent fun of them, and God Promise, you have my undivided attention.

6. Appealing Visual and High Gloss Execution

Even when you have nothing to say, say so with a highly appealing visual and with a high end fine material. You yet will have listeners.

7. Cute Animals

When you have no communication, Communicate through an Animal, Communicate about an animal and see talks multiply.

8. Out of the Box

At times, you do not have to think out of the Box. Just execute Out of the box a very neat within the box idea. Let me explain. You are another Insurance Company and you have to sell a Term Plan, and so your creative team has come up with an idea to bring The God of Death alive.

May be a stale idea. Execute it differently. How many times God of Death knocks your doors? What if a message goes out to Target Group, that God of Death had visited them while they were away on a reminder slip from society door.

9. SWAG ( Stuff We All Get)

Free Water bottles with a small message on a hot, dry day. A wet napkin in the evening at a Metro station, Shuttle Station or a Stapler + Glue stick combo for a College Goer can go a long way.

10. Picture This

Have an abstract art or a nicely picked replica of a Renowned Painter placed neatly with a lively, lovely lady having a camera that prints instant pictures.

Voila. You are in the News.

11. Street Art

Just convert the Walk way, Streets, Stairs, Escalators, Lifts, Hand rails, Doors, Chairs and everything, that our Target Group comes in contact with while at the Point of Contact, into a BRAND ART and Talks begin.

12. Go big or Go Home

Whatever you do, do it big. Create larger than life scenarios, executions and SWAG, and you are talk of the town

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12 Creative Advertising Ideas for your business for Free

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